You know you are addicted to blogging when…


MPS walked in with tulips and chocolate. I grabbed my phone and took photos BEFORE I said thankyou.

Moo turned to him and said ‘She is so blogging your good deed Dad!’ as I downloaded it via bluetooth…



MPS trying to convince me to buy him an iphone.

‘You could blog about it’


Moo said something totally random while I was dyeing her hair:

Me: So this is the random thoughts thread huh?

Moo: Fair is. Isn’t it bizarre that we are having this conversation IRL (yes, she said IRL!) and we both know what the other is talking about. Like forums and stuff.

Me walking out to check on Boo screaming: BRB

Moo: You are an hero Mum.


My brother, AKA the Golden Child, just rang. He is in Perth on ‘training’. He wanted my parents home address.

I was all ‘I don’t freaking know. I GO THERE, I don’t send ‘em stuff’

And he was all ‘Well you should know, what sort of daughter doesn’t know her parents address?’

And I am all ‘Well they live in the middle of frigging NOWHERE, dick, so it is like, turn left at the big tree’

And he is all ‘Yeah, real helpful there, Kelley’

And I am all ‘Fucking bite me arsehat’

And he is all ‘Who fucking says ‘arsehat’ any way, and what is this ‘and I am all‘ shit. You sound like one of those Valley girls or those crazy Mommy Bloggers’

And I am all ‘Yeah, whatever arsehat’

And then I woke up from the day dream, still listening to The Golden Child rabble on about how I should know where mum and dad live and I call him arsehat anyway.

Cause I know that The Golden Child ain’t hip with the happenin’ thang to know what a Mommy Blogger is anyway.