Who’s up for a little competition?

One of the blogs I follow in my Google Reader is Life in Style, the ModCloth blog. If you don’t know ModCloth, I’d recommend checking it out. They have tons of affordable darling clothes, shoes and accessories—many from independent designers—in a broad spectrum of styles. I would even say it’s the one place to shop online that has something for everyone.

And I like the blog because it features interviews with interesting entrepreneurial women, outfit combinations that inspire remixing of my boring old clothes, recipes that inspire remixing of my boring old meal routine, and do-it-yourself projects. Not that I ever attempt any of these do-it-yourself tasks, but I like imagining myself competently completing any number of them while being in awe of the women who actually see them through. (Clearly, these women do not have children or the desire to collapse on the couch in front of Sister Wives while munching on a bag of cherry Twizzlers leftover from a weekend trip to San Francisco.)

All of that being said, I’ve had a very difficult week with the perpetually-updated Life in Style because this is what they call “Mews Week” (they love their puns over there at ModCloth, which is another sore spot for me, but I try to look past the grown-women-being-cutesy thing). Since Monday, Life in Style has featured all things cat, which, as many of you know, is about as fun for me as all things sewage. Looking at pictures of cats every time a new post appears in my reader, is like having to eat a crate of raisins with an endless glass of milk, followed by tapioca pudding for dessert, all while wearing culottes, a midriff bearing shirt and a bow in my hair.

That is to say: Kill. Me. Now.

But while ModCloth has been indulging in Mews Week and bombarding me ten times a day with cat photos, I’ve been doing my very best to eradicate the planet of felines.

So far, I’ve single-handedly (that pun is dedicated to the ModCloth admins *wink*) cleared my immediate neighborhood of the offending varmints. Next up: Talmadge, Kensington and Normal Heights.

A friend of mine recently suggested I make this a contest. He said I should call it the Beat Off Off.