If you’re surrounded by 3000 smart opinionated women, and in this case women who write, you’re bound to learn all sorts of things. The BlogHer conference was no exception. Here are the top ten lessons I learned at BlogHer.

  1. You’re not alone. Women use blogs to escape.  In these tough economic times, people are looking to forget about the mortgage and the bills.  Maybe we just want to stop worrying for a minute about our kids staying out too late or being bullied in school.  If you’re reading this at 4am, welcome you’re not alone, my friend.
  2. Women rule.  I didn’t need a conference to tell me this but being around so many passionate women it didn’t hurt to be reminded of this. Actually Indra Nooyi, the CEO of Pepsico, pointed out to me (and the 3000 other women) that women have come a long way, Baby.  Women make great leaders not only because of their intelligence  but because of our emotional intelligence.  Let’s hear it for the warm and fuzzies!
  3. Bloggers are important.  According to the 2011 Social Media Matters Study, 88% of the active blog readers in the total U.S. general population trust the information they get from familiar blogs.  Also, familiar bloggers are more  engaging than celebrities. Take that, Paris Hilton.
  4. Keep it simple, Stupid (KISS).  While you’re at it keep it short, Stupid (KISS).  I’m a writer with a lot to say but I realize in this day and age where there’s a lot to read and see I need to make it brief.
  5. You need to be a special snowflake in the blog-o-sphere and in the real world.  Figure out how you can be that special snowflake.
  6. Vlogging can be cool.  I learned how to crotchet a hat.  I’ll never, ever crotchet a hat.  Have I mentioned how many unfinished projects I have mocking me around my house?  But Corrine Leigh rocks with her how to projects and Jenny on the Spot slice of life commentaries rock ‘n roll.  And not to disappoint her is Digitwirl with Lisa Loeb.
  7. It’s all about the stories.  It’s all about community.  It’s all about sharing.  While I hope the web and technology don’t take the place of face-to-face conversations (not Skype ones that happen in the same room), I realize how important blogs are for entertainment, information, how to, and recommendations.
  8. S’mores are yummy!

9. Smile!  We all want to be noticed.  Smiling helps.

These may be lessons  I learned, or were reminded of at BlogHer, but seriously most of them will help in everyday life.  I like that I’m not alone, I rule, I’m engaging, I need to keep it simple (AND SHORT), I’m a snowflake, videotaping (that is those times that don’t involve a partner(s)) can be cool, yes, it’s all about stories…are you kidding s’mores are yummy and I’ve been smiling since I started this post.


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