The Shocker. Yes, *that* Shocker.

Men are interesting creatures.

Most of them that I have met are especially intrigued by anal play, but never seem to want to admit it. It starts off as a joke, or as a ‘oh i dunno’ type of conversation while you’re discussing sexual fantasies/experiences/preferences, but rarely do they just come right out and say ‘I’d like to stick my whatever in your ass, if you’ll let me.’

I don’t get it. It’s like they really believe that girls don’t poop, and thus, we don’t have assholes, and thus, we don’t do anal or it’s like a really taboo thing to bring up? Well, no dudes – it’s not. If you want it, ask. She can only say no, yes?

Me? I’m all for the shocker. I’m a fan of anal though, and some people aren’t. I say the more ways to make me feel good, the better. As long as it feels good. It not feeling good can actually feel REALLY bad and that will get you banned from the hindquarters if you’re not careful.

It can be a nice surprise but it should never be, actually, a shocker. Not the first time at least. Never take it upon yourself to think that it’s alright, unless it’s been alright a few times before. And be gentle, don’t ever just ram your shit up there. That could cause injury, and I don’t mean to the girl.

I think more people should try it out. It may loosen them up because God knows, some people already walk around like there’s something up their ass all the time, maybe if there really was, you’d act the opposite! GENIUS! It only makes sense, right? I know. Right.

I want to try the shocker on a guy. Or maybe not the shocker since there’s no where to put the other two fingers, but like, just my finger on the prostate thing? I hear it works and I’d like to see. Has anyone tried it? I’m interested in whether they explode and whatnot. I’m so perverted, I’d like to hear your stories about it. Wow.

But yeah – the shocker. I’m all for it. You should be too. And, if it hurts, you’re not doing it right. Kinda like stretching/gauging your ears. 🙂

And, for a few of you that border closely on idiocy, it doesn’t make you gay. You’re not sticking your penis and/or finger into a man’s ass, and that means you’re not gay. Ok? Ok.