I have another project. It’s creative.  It involves beads and it’s yet another “thing” to fill the minutes I don’t have.  Another project I may not finish. I chalk this up to my attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, a condition I’ve never been diagnosed with but it doesn’t take a genius to take one look at me and realize I have an issue with focus.

Oh, look at that pretty flower.

Cleaning the house is a joke.  I start folding laundry and see a book that needs to be put away in Jack’s room.  Once in Jack’s room, I see that his bed needs to be made but not before I put away his clean laundry which has been at the foot of his bed for the last four days.  I stuff his clean shirts into his drawer and realize he has infant sized shirts still in

Oh, look at the hummingbird sipping from the water fountain in the front yard.  How cute.

there,  for the love of Pete.  Jack is eight.  What are 18 month size shirts doing in his drawer?  Time to let go of his baby clothes.  Don’t you think? I scoop out all of his shirts and place them on the unmade bed.  I go through five of the shirts feeling good I’m finally getting to this project. I need a bags for the throwaways and the giveaways.  I go to the kitchen to get two bags.  Where are those bags? I look in the cupboard and

Chewy, you’re an adorable dog.  Do you need to go out?

see there are cobwebs in the pantry.  I take Chewy out in the backyard.  Geez Louise, what is that pile of wood from the fence we took down a year ago still doing on the “grass?”  I make my way to the wood and pick up a piece.  It’s heavy with water. The pile has been watered for the last year because somewhere underneath the wood is grass…or there was.  Where to put the wood, I ponder.  I could dump it in the “pool” that has been converted into a big dry compost heap of dead leaves, grass clippings, etc.  Ten years ago we started to fill up the hole in the ground with yard waste.  We thought we’d eventually

Chewy, where are you?

ground up the green waste and make a serenity garden.  But now the darn thing is filled with stuff and we can’t get a wood chipper back here to grind up the compost.  I find an empty trash can and dump the wood in there.  There is another empty trash can and that’s it, I’m going to start that compost project I’ve thought about for years.   I need to poke holes in the trash can.  Where is the drill?  On the way to the garage


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