Rented: A Letter To Her

This is a rented post from Ashley, who asked to use my blog to do some much needed venting.

This is stupid. Never have I ever had my blood boil so much by one, stupid, fucking person.

If I could write this on my own blog, I would, but you stalked my blog. Visiting 4 to 5 times a day, I guess looking for any reference to me and him. I think fighting over guys is one of the stupidest things a woman could do, but for you to have the fucking audacity to come to me and ask if I “had a problem” with you really set me off because he told you how I felt about you.

Koree–you are a fucking bitch. There are no other words to describe it.

I have only dealt with one person who could ever compare to you in regards to the ruthless way you fawn after a man who already has his eyes on what he wants. How many times does he need to tell you that he’s in love with me before the message goes through? How many more times will you write subliminal messages to me where you add your slick endings “if you think it’s to you, it is–Bitch.”

It’s cute…but in a pathetic fashion. I sunk down to your level once. Calling you out as the girl who just wants what she can’t have. The gil who walked out of his life years ago and then tried to prance back in when she realized what she lost. The girl who has the gall to continue to say that “all you need is right here” when you know damn fucking well that he wants nothing that you’re offering you dried up slut.

I want to say all these things to you.

It kills me because I just wanted to be your friend. Tried to be calm and sweet with you when we first interacted, even encouraged you in your romantic endeavors hoping that you weren’t referring to him but knowing from the very beginning that he was your aim.

Stay in your goddamn lane you trifling ass homewrecking bitch. I am tired of having arguments with him about shit you say and continue to say because it’s “your damn blog” and I have tried to be nice about it, but I’ve now had to go as far as creating a new place to write to stay away from your psychotic, obsessed ass.

Get out of OUR fucking life.

Please and thank you.