My tendency to become overly invested…

in television shows has become a problem.
I mean, not really – it’s a beautiful thing – but it drives me mad. Last week, Criminal Minds almost gave me a heart attack, and I was soaked in my own tears by the end of the episode. That’s not uncommon for me when it comes to that show, but this week was especially hard. I was actually really sad for the rest of the night, like something bad had actually happened. It was weird.

In a few days Monk will end, for good. I have had to wipe my eyes after every commercial for the s the finale that I’ve seen. It’s going to be hard. I feel like I’m losing a family member. I’ll be the same way if and when USA take Michael Westen (Burn Notice) and Shawn and Gus (Psych) from me.This shit is ridiculous.

I get sincerely invested in these characters and I either am strung along for years because I can’t let go as with some shows like Heroes and Nip/Tuck that needed to end a while ago but I can’t stop watching, or I get my heart ripped to shred when they are taken away from me, usually prematurely. The latter always kills me the most though, so I’d much rather have a show go on for so long that it pisses me off every time I watch it than be axed for low ratings when I’m still absolutely smitten.

I happened upon Eastwick by chance; I saw it in an ad on Hulu and decided to give it a chance, having heard that it was the new place to find the hotness of Matt Dallas after the cancellation of Kyle XY (a show that I was also heavily invested in for two seasons until the suckiness of the third was just unbearable and I lost track of what was going on). I was in love with it after one episode, but I knew it was going to be a problem.

Eastwick obviously had very little financial backing: you could tell in everything from the set to the unable-to-act-even-nonchalantly extras, and the advertising budget was even more flimsy. I knew it’d be getting canceled, there was no doubt in mind. But I kept coming back for more, I couldn’t help myself, and by the third episode I was hooked.

I was in love with the women that story revolved around It’s three main characters were all wonderful and endearing in their own rights. Roxie, the hippie widow and single mom who realized she could see the future and whom the town believed was a curse. Kat, the nurse newly separated mother of 5 children with an asshole ex she’s been with since she was a teenager, who can control the forces of nature, and also heal. And then there’s Joanna, my personal favorite the clumsy, stuttery, understated in the beginning but absolutely blatant in the end sexy ambitious reporter from the newspaper that discovers an ability to hypnotize men with her eyes and later telekinesis.

And the supporting characters, Daryl and Penny and Will and Mia and Raymond…all of them had something about them that drew you in and made you give a shit when you really didn’t want to.

It was a show that took, in my heart, the place of my gone too soon favorite, that I’m still bitter over and may never forgive television for – Pushing Daisies – even though I knew Eastwick was headed no where and Pushing Daisies caught me and everyone else I know off guard. Eastwick, like Pushing Daisies, made you feel good. No matter how dark and dreary the subject matter was, you got up off of your couch and felt good. You were smiling, you were happy. It was just a feel good show. And after the final two episodes ABC airs in the coming weeks, it’ll be done. And without an ending.

This is just too much fore me. Fall premiere time is my favorite part of the year. I pay close attention to all the shows and blogs and sites and lists, and I make lists of my own detailing my schedule and what shows I’m most interested in. But every year, I have to worry that I show that I love won’t be loved by everyone else and therefore get shut down. That was what I scared of when it came to shows like Community and White Collar who (LUCKILY) are big hits and I don’t have to worry ab(yet).

My obsession doesn’t happen with every show. For instance, I really enjoy Flash Forward and (after a few episodes) V. But if they get canceled, it really wouldn’t bother me. I feel very distant from everyone on them, so it’s not that serious. I would prefer that they not get canceled and that the stories are able to grow and change, but if they do, as long as I get an ending, I’d be fine. They aren’t really character based shows though: they are plot based. I’s the character shows that get me. Sucks that it’s usually the character shows that get canceled too.