Meh to Monday.

I hate Mondays.

I haven’t always hated Monday, now it is made of suck and fail.

With a side of McDonalds-fucked-up-my-order-again-and-I-got-nothing-for-me-in-the-bag-fuckers.

And serving up a nice heap of my-new-job-that-I-was-squealy-happy-like-about-has-now-been-made-redundant.

(don’t worry, I haven’t lost my job – I am too fucking awesome for that – they will just move me sideways, but fuck it I love that job)

Served with a sauce of went-to-fill-the-car-with-fuel-and-ended-up-paying-$1.60 per litre-when-every-other-fucking-place-was-charging-$1.50.

Next to a steaming bowl full of fuckers-getting-in-my-way-and-over-sensitive-dicks-reading-shit-into-things-that-aint-there.

And a five-a-day of after school madness.

So I was a little pissed.  Probably coming down from the sugar rush yesterday…

But there was light.  And the angels sang.  And unicorns cried.  And a little bit of my cold Ninja heart softened when this came in the mail.