Meh is the new FAIL.

Hello, how are you?

Me? I’m fabulous. Lately, I say that anytime someone asks me, and every day it’s a little more true. I am fabulous. Life is great. My kids are great. I don’t have any dire concerns right now and I’m happy. I totally mean it. Wow. I mean it. I’m fucking awesome.

I need to work better at being an adult. It’s almost impossible for me to multitask. I get all wrapped up in the next big thing in my life, and devote the majority of my time to it and everything else falls by the way side. When I find a new passion, it’s all consuming for a few weeks and then I’m tired of it, and ready to move on to the next big thing. I swear, I’m like a child. Attention deficit disorder when it comes to extracurricular activities, or anything really, that can be set aside or forgotten easily.

When I bought my camera, and my Flickr pro account, and Lightroom 2, I was gonna do the damn thing. I was going to really learn what the fuck I was doing and do it big. That lasted all of two months. I recently went about 3 weeks without picking up my camera.

Before that it was cooking. But I do that a lot. I cook a lot, then my kids live out of a McDonald’s bag. Then I cook again. Right now – it’s all McDonald’s. But they get apples with their cheeseburgers so shut the fuck up.

When I stopped drinking soda, I decided to do Atkins and work out too. Might as well get it all started, eh? I made Mishi my Atkins coach and Shannon my self-improvement partner and what happened? Well – I’ve still stayed away from soda, save a few diet here and there, but the other stuff? Yeaahhhhh…no. Fuck that shit.

Recently, I lost my will to blog. There were quite a few reasons for that. I’m tired of the internet, in general. I’ve got other things and people taking up my time. I found a new ‘blog’ site that I adore and I’ve taken three of my favorite people in the world along with me, so it’s where I spend most of my time. Don’t ask me where, I won’t tell you.

I’ve been looking forward to BlogHer. Last week I almost quit that completely. The desire to attend just hasn’t been there for a while, to deal with the bullshit and look in the faces of all these people that I view to be snakes and whores and be cordial, because you know – that’s what adults do. But, one of my very favorite companies is giving me free shit to wear, and I’ve already paid my deposit on the $1000/10 hour tattoo I’m getting while I’m there. And I want to see my friends, and I’ve never been to Chicago. I know I’ll fun, like I did last year, if I just stop being a sourpuss. Plus, my plane ticket is non-refundable, dude.

So, now, what do I do? Not a damn thing, I guess. I’ll sit here and twiddle my thumbs and abandon everything I once enjoyed, waiting for the new great love in my life, whatever that will be. I start classes next week, so I’m sure that will take up most of my time anyway.

No. That’s not very adult-ish. I’m a grown up. I have to stick with things. I wouldn’t let Bella start Ballet and decide after a few classes that Karate was more fun and switch. Dedication is important. Just because something bothers you, or you’ve lost that inital fire for it doesn’t mean you should just give up.

So, I’ll make an effort to take more photos.

I’ll start eating healthier again, and moving my ass (a little).

I’ll blog more. It may be about bullshit, dumb little entries like this one, but whatever. It’s my blog and I can make it as boring as I want. Comments are closed, so it’s not like you can call me on it anyway. Haha! So BlogHer emailed me today and let me know that I cannot have closed comments on my blog and still be a part of their network. So they’re open again.

And back to you. I really hope you’re well. You can email me anytime.