Like crack to a crack ho…

It was one of my girlfriends birthday on the weekend. Forty. She was forty. Old biatch. She had a kick arse party that I didn’t get to attend because of Boo losing his fucking mind hyped up on stolen gluten/dairy/food colouring laced birthday cake. Oh and a house full of screaming Emos.

And I would have been fucking awesome. Cause it was a ‘dress as a movie star’ party and I was going as Marilyn Monroe. In a body bag. Complete with toe tag. Fuck it.

Anyway. I got her a gift voucher from my local dealer, and I couldn’t help sampling some of the merchandise. And buying myself a little somethin’ somethin’. Cause dammit, I deserve a good time too ya know.

I walked out of there with little coin left from a hundred dollars but floating. The Damn Emos with me were starting to feel a little high just touching some of my coveted crack.

‘Not until you are out on your own biatches. This shit is MINE! When you have your own place I will hit you up with your own stash. Get your grimy fingers off mine.’

Got in the car feeling a little peckish, downed my latte and some chocolate and took a loving glance at my stash, giving the Damn Emos a warning look that said ‘If I catch you within 10 feet of it I will cut you’ and we all made it home safely.

My hands shaking, I lovingly placed my purchase on the counter, MPS looking on disapprovingly.