I am a woman of my word, Iceel you bastard.

Alternate title:

The post where I go all mummy gooey, ask for a favour and then show my boobies.

Before my breasticles, an actual post.

Boo had a wonderful time at camp. I drove the hair raising drive out to the secluded camp, in the middle of freaking NOWHERE with hills that rivaled rollercoasters in the fucking RAIN, and found him doing archery. Well I heard him first, yelling at the kids to stand where he deemed necessary and basically ruling the roost. As usual.

He came running to me.

And then he showed me around. Smiling and happy and proud of himself.

And he is going back tomorrow. And tomorrow he wants to do the ‘zip wire’ and I am all ‘um no’ and whispering to his aide ‘No. Freaking. Way.’ and she is all ‘Way, Kelley’ and I am all ‘I know where you live woman’

Yeah, the kid is smiling. Right before the rope snaps and she goes hurtling into a tree. ( I stole this pic from the net, cause the zip wire at camp is impossible to see through all the trees! and branches! and other obstacles that will remove a limb! )

Then Boo and I went shopping. And he helped me load the groceries on the belt.

Loudly playing Tetris with them. I guess the people around us have never played Tetris cause they were all looking at me funny while I rolled around the floor laughing.

While I was rolling around with mirth I got a call on my mobile.

So send some good vibes for her people. It would be awesome if she got this job because then she can leave me the fuck alone. And I can choose another mantra than ‘Get. A. Job’ when she starts with the whining. The law says I have to provide you with food and shelter. You are lucky it is not bread, twigs and a rubber band, biatch.

And while you are piling on the lurve go and vote for my caption here at Mattress Police. Awsome blog with a blogger, Diesel, that knows a cool chick when he sees one. Oh and Grundir, his evil meme wraithing undeadness, *swoon* I loves me a man in black that smells of death and failure. So go over there, vote for moi so I can win some lame arsed button and run around screaming ‘In your face, In your face!’ to the non-plussed bunny and the naked-sultana-stealing boy.