Help a chick out…

So as you have probably noticed life is a tad hectic ’round these parts.

We are coming up to breeding season.

AKA kids birthdays.

Too’s being on Wednesday.

And then there is the whole ‘Non STD Screaming Sleeping Emos’(tm) that my girls have developed.

And Boo has lost his freaking mind and I am getting called in for a meeting Every Single Day to discuss his behaivour. Oh and he is spelling every fucking word, so it takes four hours to determine that he, in fact, would like chicken nuggets for dinner.

And then there was the 15 minute discussion about how to say the word ‘trifled’.

Fuck me dead.

Anyway. The helping.

Lately I have noticed that my wordpress dashboard has not been showing links back, or just a random selection when it damn feels like it, and fucking Technorati is less than useless cause it either shows 0 Blog Reactions or blogs that linked to me 14127 days ago. Which is pretty freaking awesome as this blog only appeared in January. So I only know if you linked to me if I stumble across it.

And I TOTALLY read all of your blogs, but lately haven’t been able to come by much. All the Emoing and Boo rampaging you see.

So if you have linked to me in the last couple of months and I haven’t come by and gone ‘Squeeeee! You linked to me! I am THAT freaking awesome!’ then let me know and I will go all squeee on your arse.

And promise to clean up afterwards.

Oh and if you are not registered with Technorati… OMG what is wrong with you? You might wanna look into that, K?


Everyone else is doing it. So I thought I would totally cave to peer pressure and start berating my biatches. And guilting them about the fact that NO ONE nominated me for the Hottest Blogger Calendar thingy… I am looking at YOU Busy Dad – pimping your arse all over the blogisphere but no lovin’ sent MY way, dude… I totally had my pose ready and everything…

Um, where was I?

Oh yeah. Go here, here and here and VOTE FOR ME BIATCHES.

Cause I need something to make me smile. I have less than a WEEK to plan a fucking birthday party.

Damn Birthday Emos.

Then there is the whole Fathers Day thing tomorrow.

Damn Fathers Daying Daddies.

And Spring Cleaning the garden so people can actually approach our house without thinking it is abandoned.

Damn creeping weeds

Vote for me.

You know you want to.

I will love you long time.