Ambush Interview: Going off to college

You’ve heard my feelings, my whining, my lamenting about Molly, my oldest, going off to college three years ago. So wrecked was I about her growing up and out of the house that I wrote a memoir about it. Molly’s leaving fanned my abandonement issues. Okay, fanned in an understatement. It was a roaring fire. Molly was the first person I’d given so wholeheartedly to, the first person I truly trusted. And even though Molly was doing what every normal, healthy eighteen-year-old does, if we’ve done our job right, I felt left behind. What does Molly think about this time? See my ambush interview with her about what the hardest thing about going away to college was and what was the best part. She gives advice for moms who are going through this transition now.

Shoot. I thought I was Barbara Walters there for a second and had Molly crying. But it was the light shining in her eye that was making her eyes water. I should have asked her what kind of tree she would like to be. See how Molly feels about leaving home AGAIN to go to UC San Diego.

You can see this wasn’t scripted. If I wrote it, believe me it would have been a whole lot more about me and some tears. I’m kidding. I’m very proud of Molly and who she is. I appreciate her honesty, and think this is one of the reasons why going away this time is easier for both of us because we’ve found a way to be honest.

But really does she have to be so brutally honest? Ha!

I hope this helps any of you who are struggling to let go. Does it?


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