About me now

Dear Friend,

It’s time to update this page.  News about my kids are:

Molly is almost twenty-one, which is hard to believe since I’m  thirty-six, forever.  I’m proud of her.  She just got news she’s been accepted to UC San Diego, and she can’t wait to move out.  This time it should be easier for me to let her go.  Come on, what’s the use of writing and editing a memoir about letting go, if I haven’t learned the lesson?

Kelly just turned eighteen, and she’s graduating from high school this year.  Here we go again.  What’s funny is she’s already lying about her age (see my age above).  “I’m seventeen,” Kelly claims.  This is her way of dealing with the ending of her childood and transitioning into adulthood.  I am her enabler.  Kelly is seventeen, I swear.

Jack may be six chronologically but his spiritual age is around forty-five.  He hasn’t had a think sheet from his teachers in over thirty days, and hasn’t been to the Principal’s office in two months.  Hallelujah.

I’ve finished my memoir, HOLDING ON AND LETTING GO: A MOTHER’S STORY. Currently, I’m hunting, I mean looking for an agent to represent the memoir.  So I wait for the rejections to come in until an agent (it could be more, but I’m not greedy) who LOVES my story and has to see it published.  In the meantime, I’ve been biding my time by:

Crying-This doesn’t have anything to do with waiting. I’m just weepy in general.

CrossFit-There is something to be said for workouts that numb your body and mind.  “What memoir?”  “What agent?”

Writing-I write grocery lists, notes for my kids to do their chores and posts for this blog and another one, Page A Day Writers.  I love writing.  I love sharing. But my goal is to be more to the point.  Less words.  Ha!

Living my imagined published author life-This involves such imaginings as going on whatever program Oprah has at the time because she has to talk to “the brilliant author of the memoir that changed her life.” If Oprah doesn’t have a show then it involves going to her house, maybe the one in Montecito.  Stedman can be there, too.  But not Gayle.  I want Oprah’s attention.  My parallel life also involves writing my acceptance speech for the National Book Awards.  Do they have acceptance speeches for the winners?  Turns out they do but they don’t have a memoir category.  I also write my own reviews of the memoir.  Of course all of them are glowing and there’s plenty of adjectives like breathtaking, poignant, page-turner and winner.

Thank you to each and every one of you for stopping by.  I really appreciate your support of the blog and me.

Happy reading and commenting-Michelle